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If Your Happy and You Know It

We’ve talked several times at Hope Chapel about happiness.  We’ve hit on things like “Just because you have Jesus in your life, everything in life won’t always be hunky dory.”  I’ve read posts and articles about how God never promised happiness or cares about our happiness.  It is true that God really just wants us…


9 of 9 Sins Christians Are Okay With

9.) LYING If gluttony is the elephant in the room everyone sees, but no one talks about, lying is the elephant in the room no one sees. Lying is so socially acceptable, even in Christian circles, that it often goes undetected. We’re desensitized to it. And here’s why this is dangerous for Christians. There’s a rarely-discussed passage…


8 of 9 Sins Christians Are Okay With

8.) PATRIOTISM Cue the nasty e-mails. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t picture Jesus waving an American flag while showing off his “I love ‘Merica” tattoo. Jesus wasn’t against the government. In fact, if you’re a Jesus follower, the Bible calls you to pray for your nation and for your leaders (1 Tim. 2:1-4). But…


7 of 9 Sins Christians Are Okay With

7.) CONSUMERISM I grew up watching Sesame Street. My favorite character?…Cookie Monster. I felt like we were the same person. And what I mean is we both loved cookies. I would often go around the house saying, “Gimme da cookies.” It never worked. Many Christians are like Cookie Monster. Their mantra is, “Gimme more…well anything….


6 Of 9 Sins Christians Are Okay With

6.) COMFORT Comfort might be the patriarch of the “church approved” sins family. When the church becomes comfortable, Christianity starts to die. Christians must be extremely intentional with their thoughts and actions to avoid comfort. If not, you become resistant to change. You start making secondary issues primary. You begin to see the mission as catering…


Sin 5 of 9 Christians are Okay with

  Originally posted on Hope Chapel Facebook and 5.) FLATTERY I erased this like five times, but God kept telling me to put it back. So, I did. With hesitancy. I love you, God. I like performing. I always have. And while there’s nothing wrong with the spotlight, there’s a lot wrong with making…


Sin 4 0f 9 Christians Seem to be Okay With

  Original Posted on Hope Chapel Facebook and 4 of 9 Sins the Church is okay with but really shouldn’t be. 4.) WORRY Worrying gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. The great philosopher Van Wilder once said, “Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do,…


Sin 3 of 9 Christians are Okay with

Originally appeared on Hope Chapel Facebook on Sunday 8/23/15 and curated from 3 of 9 Sins the church ignores. Don’t forget church this morning. Can’t wait to worship with you! Don’t let this sin keep you from praising God today. 3.) GLUTTONY In my younger days, I would literally eat myself sick. I mean,…


Sin 2 of 9 the Christians are Okay With

Originally appeared on Hope Chapel Facebook on Saturday 8/22/15 and curated from Day 2 of “9 sins the church is okay with” and we really shouldn’t be. 2.) APATHY Apathy’s best friends are passivity and entitlement. Together, they’re a vicious threesome. There’s nothing mediocre or normal about God. His power is beyond comprehension. His…