The End is Near, For the End of the Year At Least.

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The End is NearAs we wrap up what was an exciting year in 2013 I had some thoughts on my mind.  Personally, I had an amazing year full of adventure and travel.  I met lots of wonderful people who I now call friends.  I welcomed in a Godchild who I have come to only know as “BE” (Baby Eddie), whose smile can light up a room full of darkness.


Allison and I welcomed a new addition to our house earlier in the year, in the form of an overweight hotdog, or dachshund, named Olive who might be the best representation of a Christian I have ever come across.  She loves everyone unconditionally, and has even been known to lick the veterinarian after being stuck with needles.


Allison and I’s relationship is better than ever approaching our 8 year wedding anniversary and I need her more and more in my life each day, as was realized on how hard it is to be apart from her on my trips and how desperately I want to fly home to be with her.


All in all, life is good as we approach 2014.  Until, Thursday after Christmas, I was watching the film Deep Impact and I realized something was missing from my year.  As previously stated in the above paragraphs it would seem I am being selfish and wanting more.


However, whats missing isn’t something you can hold in your hands or buy.  Its an attitude and a way of life that every single one of us should want and do.


In the film an astroid is heading towards earth.  E.L.E. is its secret name.  Extinction Level Event.  Everyone is going to die, except for 1 million people who will take shelter in limestone caves in Missouri.  These 1 Million people are selected by lottery and will be accompanied by Scientists and Doctors, and Politicians who will see that our way of life will continue on after the earths atmosphere is clear of any remaining effects of the impact.


Everyone else will die.


As movies can do to me, this made me emotional for a bunch of fictitious characters that in the grand scheme of things have no effect on me.


But, I immediately turned my thoughts to real life.  It is a scary thought to think of the end of the world.  For a lot of us we love life here on earth (for some of us Christians we love it a little too much.)


Disaster movies are a dime a dozen these days, as it seems that the “End” is on a lot of peoples minds.  Why are we so fascinated to watch this type of destruction on our television screens?  Why are these movies usually summer blockbusters drawing the most money each year?


Simply put.  I think we all know deep down that this party will end here on earth at some point.  For us who believe in Christ Jesus, we believe that He will come back and put an end to the madness.


But stop and wait.  Hold your horses.  The grim reality is that like the movie Deep Impact only a few will survive.  Only a few will go to heaven.


The rest to Hell!  That seems harsh but it is the truth if you really believe that the Bible is the Truth.


Near the end of the movie busses start to come and pick up those chosen to live in the caves, as neighbors and other family members look on, knowing their own fate.


Imagine if that were the case for heaven and eternal life with Jesus.  A bus comes and picks you up in your neighborhood.  The guard asks your name, you tell him and he says okay your on the list, come aboard.  Your neighbor is next.




He tells them, “The Smiths.”


“Sorry your not on the list.” The guard replies, “Thats everyone on this street.  Let’s move out.”


Your neighbor looks as the bus pulls away in dismay, and you rush to the back of the window in true cinematic form and place your hand on the pane, and mouth, “I’m sorry.”


There are just over 7 Billion people on earth.  1 Billion of those call them selves Christian.  Although being Christian has become a birth right to some people, just like being Jewish doesn’t mean you are practicing Jew.


Without even taking that in to consideration, thats a lot of people who need Christ in their lives.  The cold hard facts is that 85% of the people in the world are potentially going to HELL.


Now, that fact is what should make us emotional, not a fictitious film about the end of the world.  We don’t have to watch a movie or turn on the TV to have our emotional heart strings plucked.  The reality of the situation is that people all around us, people we interact with at work, people in the stadium with us, at the movie theaters, our neighbors and our families are going to hell.


Thats what was missing in my life in 2013.  A real passion for the lost.  A real passion for the broken.  A real passion for those less fortunate.  A real passion and desire to try my hardest to make sure that those people around me will be around me for eternity.


In the film, Deep Impact, it was a lottery that determined who would live.  For us, God has a better system in place.  A system, and His desire, is so that everyone might spend eternity with Him.


But it is up to us as His disciples to share His Word with others.  It is our job and calling to be His Ambassador here on earth.


I pray that this coming year, that I will become a better man of God.  That I will begin to have this passion in my soul for the lost.  The flame has caught, I pray it will turn into a blazing wild fire in all of us.


God Bless and Happy New Year


Aaron Brown


Author: Aaron Brown

I am the Worship Pastor at Hope Chapel Oceanside, and have called Hope home for a long, long time. Don't be shy if your visiting and say hi. Look forward to seeing you.

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  1. Eddie B Posted on December 31, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Well said Brotha Brown. We are surrounded by opportunities to share our faith with others more than we realize in our everyday hustle. It is our responsibility to keep our hearts, minds, eyes and ears open, to be ready to embrace these moments. Arm yourself with His word and follow your faith.

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