Seven Resolutions for a Happy New Year

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This past Sunday I shared with the congregation 7 Resolutions that will lead to a Happy New Year. I feel they will revolutionize anybody that will seek to implement them as part of their day to day living. If you are interested in a life changing experience in your relationship with God, here they are. They are taken from Proverbs chapter five verses 2-24.
1- Make love and faithfulness core values in your life.
Love is unconditional. There may not always be acceptance of an action or lifestyle, but there must always be love. We experience that in many of the arenas of our life. Loving someone as God would have us love them is not based on the closeness of their parody of our thinking. It is singularly based on God’s love for them and His mandate to us to love one another. This is possible even towards those who appear to hate God and His ways.
Faithfulness speaks to an attitude and value we should all want to emulate. It includes keeping faith; maintaining allegiance; constant; loyal -, showing a strong sense of duty or responsibility; conscientious, accurate; reliable. It also means exact (faithful copy). In the coming year all Christians should be as faithful a copy of Christ as we can be.
2- Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
Notice it says with all your heart, no reservations, full ahead, full on, go big or go home.
This is a difficult step for many of us. We believe in God, we believe His Word but it often easier for us to trust God for someone else rather than ourselves. Yet, God tells us we must trust Him and what He is doing in us. He does know best and is amazingly involved in our lives if we can just trust Him – with our whole heart.
It also says to acknowledge Him in all our ways. Simply put I think that means include Him in everything.
Do not leave Him out of anything that pertains to our family, work, passions, relationships, finances, you name it …….leave Him out of nothing, include Him in everything.
I found the following definitions of the word acknowledge:
a) to admit to be true or as stated; confess
b) to recognize the authority or claims of
c) to recognize and answer (a greeting or greeter, an introduction, etc.)
d) to express thanks for
e) to verify receipt of (a letter, gift, favor, payment, etc.)
f) to admit or affirm as genuine; certify in legal form! To acknowledge a deed
If you look at them carefully you will see that we need to apply each of them to the attitude we have towards our relationship with God. Take a moment and see how applicable each one can be to you. If you get stumped let me know.
That’s enough for now more later

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  1. Alana Posted on December 31, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    I’m sorry I missed it! What are the other 5? …not that the 1st two aren’t difficult enough as it is.

    • Aaron Brown Posted on January 1, 2014 at 8:48 am

      It was continued in another post.

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