If Your Happy and You Know It

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We’ve talked several times at Hope Chapel about happiness.  We’ve hit on things like “Just because you have Jesus in your life, everything in life won’t always be hunky dory.”  I’ve read posts and articles about how God never promised happiness or cares about our happiness.  It is true that God really just wants us to be obedient to him.  We hail people in the Bible that have suffered the ultimate price, are martyrs for their faith in God, wandered in the desert, rocked about in storms even when Jesus was present with them.  Let’s face it the Bible is filled with people that had to suffer.

I feel like we sometimes feel that we too need to feel like we are suffering to justify our existence with God.  God’s top concern for us might not be our happiness, but I wonder how many of us have tried to let Him make us happy, or when we are happy and life is great do we give him the credit.

As Christians in America we have it so easy.  No other time in history has there been a group of people so blessed.  I wonder if we are God’s experiment, and he took us aside and said, “These people are going to have it all, lets see how they react to me wanting them to be happy.”

No offense, but I think we failed.


We complain about our jobs, our home lives, our cars and our houses.  We don’t like our government, or any other government for that matter, we don’t pray for our politicians and leaders, we loathe them on Facebook.

When times are good we take the credit.  When times are bad we run to God and ask why has he forsaken us.

Instead we need to ask when times are bad, what have I done.  Let’s face it, there’s a far greater chance that we are at fault or have changed our ways rather than God changing His ways, I guarantee it.

So instead of worrying about whether God wants us to be happy, let’s take a look at our lives when we are happy and take note of all of God’s blessings in our lives and give him the glory for the good times.  More often than not, if we are obedient to the Lord the happy times will be far greater than the bad.  Let us not blame God for our mistakes but ask for forgiveness and guidance tothe path He so desperately wants us on.

They don’t call it the Joy of the Lord for nothing.


Author: Aaron Brown

I am the Worship Pastor at Hope Chapel Oceanside, and have called Hope home for a long, long time. Don't be shy if your visiting and say hi. Look forward to seeing you.

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